About Us


The Dunedin Warrant of Fitness Centre Limited is Dunedin's only locally owned and operated drive through testing facility. The business was founded in 2004 by Tom and Jeanette Park who still run the business with the assistance of their son Philip managing the workshop and the day to day running of the business. Both their daughters Lisa and Nadine assist Jeanette in the office on a part-time basis. This has created a warm, family orientated business with exceptionally high customer service standards.

Our technical staff are highly trained professionals, all with current certificates and all staff regularly attend WOF training courses.

One of the key factors separating the Dunedin Warrant of Fitness Centre from other drive through testing facilities is the Company policy of fixing minor repairs such as replacing wiper rubbers, light bulbs and other small jobs on the spot with no added labour charge to avoid the need to return for a re-check.

Failing to get a warrant because of minor faults often causes repeated visits. "No-one minds failing a WOF inspection for a major safety item failure, but minor faults can create a lot of frustration". Staff at the Dunedin Warrant of Fitness Centre can make WOF repairs on site, saving clients valuable time and avoiding the frustration of having to go back and forth to get a warrant. It would be unhelpful and counter-productive to not provide this service.

Other companies may feel that fixing minor repairs on the spot is a conflict of interest. Clients, however, especially families with children and customers with more than vehicle, claim it makes life easier to not have to come back for a re-check. Customers appreciate our staff doing the small things to get a warrant. It has to be done anyway, so why not do it right the first time. "It makes everyone happy in the long run, they get a warrant and we have a happy and relaxed customer - Everyone wins."

If a problem can't be fixed on the spot customers can return at a suitable time to get their vehicle repaired in the Dunedin Warrant of Fitness workshop. The workshop complements the WOF testing lanes and our 2 fully qualified mechanics are experts in the field of all WOF repair work. Our customer's vehicles are inspected in line with LTNZ requirements and warrants are only withheld on safety issues.

We have a comfortable waiting area for customers who can watch staff working on their vehicles or relax with some magazines and coffee until their vehicle is ready.